Triple Pour with Lots of Cells – Latest Video.

This weekend I tried something a little different with my test canvases. I did a dirty pour with three flip cups, and I think it turned out OK. Below is a video from my YouTube channel with all the details. Additionally, I coated the piece in Art Resin. Eventually, the piece will be available on… Continue reading Triple Pour with Lots of Cells – Latest Video.


Demonstration of a resin dirty pour and what to do when you get those ugly bubbles in the epoxy.

Yesterday I was working on a piece that used quite a few colors in the pour.  Seven colors in fact!  The colors were an inspiration from colors used by another YouTube artist, Annmarie Ridderhof.  She uses a lot of earthy colors and they always tend to turn out very nice.  The difference is that she… Continue reading Demonstration of a resin dirty pour and what to do when you get those ugly bubbles in the epoxy.

How to fix a ugly acrylic pour painting with color tinted resin using Golden Interference Paint.

Recently I started playing with some of Golden Paints Interference paints with my resin pieces.   This type of paint surprisingly brought an entirely new level to the look I want with some of my art.  When it is applied over another layer it has this really cool shimmer of color.  Much the same way… Continue reading How to fix a ugly acrylic pour painting with color tinted resin using Golden Interference Paint.

Acrylic Pouring with A Final Resin Coat.

Most of the pieces I do with acrylic pouring mediums I also coat in resin. Personally, I think it looks better for the work and adds a level of quality that you don't get with varnish. Don't get me wrong, there is a place for varnish and resin is no cheap venture, but if you… Continue reading Acrylic Pouring with A Final Resin Coat.

Resin painting with my 8 year old.

This Sunday afternoon my youngest and I made a little artwork. She has been begging for me to make a YouTube video on my channel of her and I making art. So this afternoon we decided on a piece and started filming away. The best part of working with my youngest is that she is… Continue reading Resin painting with my 8 year old.

Another alternative to pouring medium

I was asked about using Floetrol as a pouring medium and was interested in doing some tests. After the testing and a great conversation with the guys at Flood regarding the science behind floetrol, I found it to be a pretty good alternative. Without getting into too much detail in writing, I put together a… Continue reading Another alternative to pouring medium

More water than anything

  This blog has been a holding site for the last couple of years as I found out more about myself and where I want to be going forward. After 15 years growing a photography studio, I finally decided to go back to doing what I loved, art. Over the last couple of years, I… Continue reading More water than anything

Starting over

  One of the reasons I like panels better than canvas is the starting over factor. It is much easier to sand down a panel than to just add more paint to a canvas. Once I started using panels, I never went back to the canvas. It is much more versatile for the type of… Continue reading Starting over

Fluid Topography

  I have recently been playing with the Golden High Flow Acrylic paints in conjunction with Art Resin, and I seem to be having lots of fun. The best part is watching the way these beautiful colors meld together. Most of the pieces I have done have been small. I love large pieces of artwork,… Continue reading Fluid Topography