How to fix a ugly acrylic pour painting with color tinted resin using Golden Interference Paint.


Recently I started playing with some of Golden Paints Interference paints with my resin pieces.   This type of paint surprisingly brought an entirely new level to the look I want with some of my art.  When it is applied over another layer it has this really cool shimmer of color.  Much the same way interference paint is used in custom show cars.  You probably have seen them.  They are the ones that look green in one direction and then it changes to purple and blue.


So as I started playing with the paint I decided to see how it looked when mixed in resin. I was pleasantly surprised at how it didn’t so much become reflective as much as it gave the resin a soft watery look.  I totally fell in love with the look.  There are many different colors t play with and it comes in Fluid as well!  Way to go GOLDEN!

So I uploaded a video of me applying it to the disk above.  Originally the painting was rather dark and sort of muddy.  Once I added the Interference Resin (I should trademark that) I liked the piece a whole lot more.  Below the video I have a list of materials I used.


  1. 8 Inch Circular Canvas
  2. Epoxy Resin (Pro Marine Supply)
  3. Golden Acrylic Interference Paint
  4. Wooden Stir Sticks

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