Building a Pool in Houston

Well, this week we started a new pool build. As any photographer would do, I am documenting it via time-lapse on my GoPro Hero 5. The Camera is cool compared to my original GoPro that was clunky and unreliable. The video looks nice, and the use of GoPro Capture makes managing the files and settings much easier.

So far Platinum Pools has completed the dig out and is starting the forming today. Unfortunately yesterday there was a terrible storm that raced through Houston, so not much work was completed. I decided to let the cameras keep rolling so I could see the rain.

The storm was fast moving, so there is not much to see, but the clouds are what amazed me. During the storm, I was in the Medical Center, and tornado sirens were going off at all the buildings. When I looked at the video, you can see the wind shifting directions fiercely.

Luckily nothing major happened to us, and the pool did fairly well, so hopefully, they will carry on today. Can’t wait to swim in this pool!

First Day of digging.


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